Business Class CCTV Systems

SWDirect provide top of the range CCTV systems for your business requirements. We take control of all elements, including cabling, installation and configuration. Dependant on the size of your premise we have packages to fit all businesses.

Smartphone Ready

Our CCTV packages are IOS (Apple) & Android compatible. This means you are able to login and view your live feed through a free app. This app gives you the choice of what camera to view and the option to zoom in and out. Installation on smartphones is included for free in our package.

Real-time Recording & Email Notifications

A dedicated unit is configured to handle the recording throughout the day onto a D1 recording station. This also has the ability to record onto 4 different channels. We also configure an email notification system that will alert you of an alarm event, this email will include 3 JPEG files showing why this alarm has been triggered.

Why chose SWDirect Ltd for your CCTV requirements?

:: Live CCTV on your mobile phones

:: Remote Internet Monitoring

:: Control Devices Remotely

:: Multi-Channel Playback

:: Electronic Mapping